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Welcome to the pages of the ZeLeM Association

("צ.ל.מ- "צוותה לעדות משיחית)

"Institute for Israeli Universal Vocation"






We are an association of  Jews and  Israeli friends from other nations believing in Father Creator and Yeshua Hamashiah who are dedicated to promoting of understanding the Messianic faith in Israel in the spirit of the earliest - ancient Jewish Messianic testimonies in Israel !


 As well as:



Promoting Truthful Information About Israel

Promoting Relations with Israel

Emphasizing and Interpreting the Prophetic Statements in the Bible Concerning Israel

Influencing Traditional Christian Theology in Importance of  - 'The return of the Jewish people to their ancestral homeland'

Direct help for the work of the "Messianic Confessing Community" and thus direct Promotion of the Messianic witness in Israel

Reunion of all Messianic-Jewish people 

Israel's printing and dissemination of the entire Bible in Israel with the New Testament

Aid measures for persecuted and distressed Jewish-Messianic

Organization of travel to and from Israel

Institute's work on comparative theology "Judaism and Christology" for mutual better understanding



Public events in Israel working to call the people to repentance and to point out the salvific meaning of the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus). 

One- to three-page advertisements in daily newspapers to  attention to specific statements throughout the Bible that also bring political development into a theological context. Also available are free copies of the entire Bible with New Testament and further reading. 

In Germany and also in Switzerland lecture and seminar events take place in various Protestant and free church communities and communities, in which the action of God in today's Israel is made clear from the prophetic word of the Bible. 

Internal Orientation:

The communal work in Israel builds on the original Jewish-Messianic(Mashihi ) form, which also includes the agape (table fellowship). The most important part is the instruction through the unadulterated Word of God, as it is in the Bible. It is important to believe in or reject the Bible as an imperative. Baptism is performed only as a baptism of faith.

The ZeLeM Association is accredited to the German Bundestag as an association.

Financing is made by individual donors.

A receipt will be issued on any donation/ Charitable status Haller

Preprinted payment slips can be requested




Information in documents and publications on this site is provided with great care. However, responsibility for correctness cannot be assumed.

ALL RIGHTS - including RIGHTS to reuse, copy and transfer are PROTECTED

and RESERVED to the Author , ZeLeM and Institute of Israeli Universal Vocation


Chairman and Chief Editor - the main author of articles
Mr. Klaus Moshe Pülz (Chairman)                              Author´s Jewish Origins

Mr. Rudi Knodel (Vice Chairman)
Lawyer Mr. Christian Germann (Vice Chairman)
Mr. Ulrich Schulte (Treasurer)
Mrs. Ingrid Kunze (Secretary)
Mr. Micha Ovsinski (Honorary Chairman, Editor)

Mr Michael Papanian (Web Design,Site Administrator, Editor)